Co-Curricular Activities


This college strives for the over all development of the children . Hence co-curricular activities are regularly organized for various classes throughout the year. Students are expected to take initiative and take part in these activities . Parents should encourage their sons/daughters to participate actively . The individual talents of the students may be brought to the notice of Principal/teacher so that proper back up and encouragement may be given to them . Students also will be evaluated on the basis of their interest ,involvement and performance in these activities during the co- curricular activity period.


A Student who uses unfair means or who possesses materials for such use in any examinations of the school or tampers with the evaluated answer books or alter marks in the report cards or the answer sheets will be given zero in the subject. A student who has already used copying material in answering one or more questions or to have communicated with another companion student must accept his fault if there are documentary evidences. The report of this will have to be testified by the examiner and the superintendent of to examinations of the school . If the student wants to continue the examination , then he or she will be given a blank answer booklet to write the examination but no extra –time will be allotted. If the student repeats use of unfair means in more than one examination , then the entire current examination of such student will be cancelled . He or she may be dismissed from the school according to the discretion of the Principal.